Trial Lessons

Who hasn’t had the childhood dream of flying a helicopter…at HeliPower we can make that dream come true! Take the controls of a helicopter with one of our experienced and enthusiastic instructors and experience the thrill of real flying.

Trial Lessons are available in the R22 and R44 helicopters. The R22 carries the student and the instructor while the R44 allows the student and the instructor in the front while 2 friends or family can come along in the rear seats and enjoy the experience.

On the day of the flight you will meet your instructor and receive a short briefing on the controls and how the helicopter flies. Then its time to walk out and takeoff over the beautiful Co. Down scenery. Once at a safe height the student can tak control and fly the helicopter. After returning to the airfield the student can try hovering...the hardest part of flying a helicopter. The instructor can also demonstrate some low level maneuvers. The student can fly as much or as little as they are comfortable with. For the longer duration of flights, students can decide where the helicopter flies, just ask on the day. Friends and family can come along and watch from the viewing area and enjoy a coffee in Cloud 9 cafe while you fly.

A Trial Lesson is suitable for all ages and if you decide to continue flying the flight time counts towards the Private Pilot Licence.

All vouchers are strictly valid for 9 months from date of purchase and weight limits apply. See below for more details.

Robinson R22

R22 Trial Lessons
  • The R22 has 2 seats. 1 for the student and 1 for the instructor. Its a great fun helicopter.
  • Weight limit 17 stone / 107kg / 238lbs
  • R22 TL
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Robinson R44

$25R44 Trial Lesson.
  • The R44 has 4 seats. 1 for the student and 1 for the instructor in the front and 2 for friends and family in the back.
  • Weight limit 20 stone / 127kg / 280lbs
  • R44 TL
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