Pilot Training

HeliPower can provide training for any student wishing to obtain their pilots licence. We would encourage you to visit us and discuss the various options to obtain your Pilots Licence Helicopters PPL(H). With a flight examiner as our head of training we are well equipped to provide quality training for your PPL(H). All our staff are readily available to help you every step of the way!


Our convenient location in Newtownards, just 20 minutes from the centre of Belfast, combined with having the only full time and most experienced instructor in Northern Ireland makes HeliPower the natural choice for pilot training.

The PPL(H) course follows a specific syllabus dictated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) but your training can be tailored to your personal ability, timetable and budget. No previous flying experience is required and training can begin at 14, solo achieved at 16 and licence issued at 17. There is no upper age limit just the requirement to keep passing your medical with an Aviation Medical Examiner. The CAA requires a minimum of 45 hours of training of which 10 hours must be solo flying however realistically you should budget for 50-60 hours to achieve you PPL(H).

One you have you licence you can rent helicopters from us and take your friends and family to a local hotel or restaurant for lunch!




HeliPower hold the approval to set CAA PPL(H) Theoretical Knowledge Examinations in house, allowing you the flexibility to sit your exams whenever you please, no need to stress over deadlines, just book your exam date and time and study at home! The thought of exams makes some students 'nervous' as it may have been some time since a text book was opened! However, all exams are multiple choice and self studying can be boosted with help and guidance from our school staff.


The 9 examinations you require for the PPL(H) are:

  • Aviation Law

  • Operational Procedures

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Performance & Planning

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Human Performance & Limitations

  • Radiotelephony

Do one exam at a time, or three exams in one day, the choice is yours! You have 6 sitting to complete all 9 exams. 1 sitting is a 10 day period.

In order to obtain a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) pilot licence (helicopter, microlight or aeroplane), you must also have a Radiotelephony Licence. HeliPower can provide courses and examinations to any student or qualified pilot to obtain such licence. Our partner company  JRF Aviation supplies the courses.

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the basics of radiotelephony and to develop those skills leading to an understanding of what we say, not just to rhyme off a series of words, phrases and numbers because you are told to. Also the reason we say what we transmit will be explained from an Air Traffic Control point of view.


Type Ratings

Your Private Pilot's Licence PPL(H) willbe issued with the type of helicopter you carried out your training on, usually the R22. With Helipower you can add other helicopter ratings to you licence.


To obtain an additional type on your PPL(H) youmust complete a 5 hour training course plus take a skills test on the new type. The test is general handling and emergency procedures, navigation is not tested again. Working in association with other training providers we can carryout type ratings on the following helicopters: R22, R44, As350 and Bell 206 Jetranger.

Night Qualification

Once you have obtained your Private Pilot's Licence PPL(H), you can then progress your training to obtain a Night Rating; allowing you to continue to fly throughout the UK airspace at night!


To obtain a PPL(H) Night Qualification; A holder of PPL(H) applying for a night qualification shall have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as pilot of helicopters after the issue of the licence, including at least 60 hours as PIC of helicopters and 20 hours cross-country flight. The course must be completed within 6 months, however for the licence endorsement a certificate of satisfactory completion of the course can be issued by the FI or Head of Training, allowing the PPL(H) holder to use the privileges of the rating.

Mountain Flying Courses

HeliPowers training school can provide you with mountain flying training in numerous challenging mountain ranges, including the Mournes of Co. Down and the Sperrins in Tyrone. This is an excellent way to improve your confidence and knowledge of flying in weather conditions amongst high terrain, and build an understanding of conditions in mountainous environments.

The Mourne Mountains offer spectacular scenery whilst offering students a wide variety of challenges for all pilot experience levels, whilst the Sperrins cater for the larger mountainous region of Northern Ireland allowing for wider training capabilities. Mountain flying requires a solid understanding of your aircrafts performance, how wind and meteorology affects the aircraft and requires a firm hold on your own abilities as a pilot. Be safe in the knowledge that our pilots are highly experienced in this sector to ensure safe and enjoyable, yet challenging flying.


FAA training

Got an American licence? Helipower can renew it for you, usually in one flight. Do it in your own helicopter at your home location or hire one of ours at Newtownards. Whether keeping your licence valid or renewing after a break we can take care of it all. FAA medicals can be arranged locally also.